Hyundai H1 Bus

Starting From: R601 500

The Hyundai H1 bus is ideal for transporting the entire family on a vacation, the pets and kids on a day trip and the entire soccer team. With the Hyundai H1 bus, you will be travelling in comfort and style. The H1 bus has eight seats and so much room for luggage, cooler bags, picnic baskets and kit bags.

With the Hyundai H1, you will be driving in sheer comfort while still transporting everything you need. The cabin and seating comfort of this vehicle is traditionally only associated with passenger cars and this vehicle has full-length side windows which will make the drive just as thrilling for the passengers as it is for the driver.

You can choose between the 2.4 multi-point injection and the 2.5 common rail diesel. The H1 has 125kW of power and 441 Nm (CRDi) of torque which means that the H1 will continue steadily on the hills and inclines even when it is fully loaded. Since the H1 has been manufactured with safety at its forefront, since its earliest stages, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe and protected. The Hyundai H1 has a front and rear crumple zone, side-impact beams and driver and passenger airbags for maximum protection.

​The H1 bus has a front-mounted engine powering the rear wheels and the H1 has optimum weight and power circulation. If you are looking for a vehicle with ample passenger space, then the 9 seater H1 bus is ideal for you. It is an extraordinary people carrier and has lots of storage space for your luggage, sports equipment, camping gear and much more.

Some of its features include rear park distance control, leather interior finish, cruise control, USB MP3 and iPod connectivity and drop-down DVD players for passengers.