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At KIA Newcastle, our business management philosophy is what has been the reason behind our employee’s mindset and behaviour and the reason behind our many years’ success in the industry. Our business thrives on full accountability, realising potential and practising humanity. These are the values that we have built upon over the many years.

Our Core Values:

Our core values consist of our company’s code of conduct for the employees and our company in its entirety.

Our values also represent the company’s culture and our company strives to meet each of them. We promise exceptional value and service to our staff and our customers.

KIA Newcastle is committed to taking on challenges and maintaining mutual cooperation and respect with each of our customers while still fulfilling our promises. We have learnt to embrace the talent behind our brand and its uniqueness and thus we have built an exclusive corporate culture within our brand.

At KIA, we have managed to introduce a modern and fresh look under the direction of world-class automotive designer Peter Schreyer. He is the mastermind behind the Audi TT and Volkswagen New Beetle. He believes that the design of a car gives it soul and this is what appeals to people. Schreyer, the Chief of Design, has created a new and fashionable look that is quite different from anything you would have seen at KIA.

Our vehicle’s design is the key to the new philosophy and our brand is backed by quality and reliability. To add to this, we now boast a unique design to our cars.

Whatever your preference we certainly have a car to suit you, in a colour that you love. Browse through our website or visit our dealership. Once you have found your ideal car, book a test drive with us to experience it for yourself.