About Prestige KIA

Kia vehicles are made with ultra-high tensile steel, thus the cars are much lighter while increasing its strength. Our cars are also fuel-efficient while maintaining their safety. Kia’s cars feature airbags, which ensure your safety and that of your passengers. They also have knee airbags, curtain airbags and rear side airbags. Our cars have a seat belt tensioner to hold the passengers firm in their seat in case of a collision and then they allow the passenger to meet the inflated airbag in a safe way.

A camera mounted on your car’s windshield can also sense the lane ahead and will alert you if you are deviating from your lane. Our cars even have a forward collision warning which measures the distance from your car and the one ahead of you and will alert you when the distance has become dangerously shorter. Kia vehicles also have a tyre pressure monitoring system which monitors the air pressure inside the car tyres and tells you when they have lost pressure.