Kia Grand Sedona​

The Kia Grand Sedona is a great family vehicle, which even has sliding doors. The vehicle is a seven-seater and has so much space. This vehicle is ideal for parents as it allows direct access to the kids and the load bay. 

The Kia Grand Sedona is available in 7-seater and 11-seater and in the three configurations EX, SX and SXL. It is also available in turbo diesel and V6 petrol options.

The Kia Sedona is a stylish vehicle designed by Peter Schreyer who played a major role in the design of cars like the Audi TT and the VW Beetle. The Sedona has distinctive Kia characteristics like the tiger-nose grille and the large air intake integrated into the front bumper.

​You can enjoy the sun with this vehicle which has not just one sunroof but two, in glass. Everyone in the vehicle can be part of the action as the sunroofs extend to the third row.

The car’s power sliding doors are a definite win for any parent as the doors open with just a touch of the button. You can move the doors left or right when you are nearing the vehicle, making it easy to load your kids or any luggage. If you need even more space you can also fold the third row of seats as they are able to go down completely into the floor, providing much more room. The driver and front passenger can enjoy captain seats which are raised slightly and use premium seat materials. It is truly one of the most comfortable seats you will ever drive in. The Kia Sedona has a 2.2-litre diesel engine and packs 147kW/440Nm power.

The vehicle has many great technology features like a high-performance damper, responsive steering and stable handling. It has a bunch of safety features such as hill-start assist and electronic stability control. To book a test drive, simply contact us online or via email or telephone.