Kia K2500​

Kia K2500 is the ideal business vehicle for all your business needs. Give your company an advantage by purchasing a Kia K2500. The new Kia K2500 has been designed for efficiency and trustworthiness. It has an easy to access rear gate chain which allows you to load and off-load your items quickly and conveniently. 

The vehicle also comes with a spare wheel attached to the undercarriage and has a rugged body making it the perfect workhorse vehicle that is able to take on any terrain.

The vehicle has a multi-function centre console with cup holders and storage options where you can keep personal belongings and luggage. The cabin has an air-conditioning system which keeps the cold air coming in. this enables the driver and passenger to travel and work efficiently even in hot weather.

The K2500 is powerful and fuel-efficient with many intelligent features like a 6-speed manual gearbox and 2.5-litre diesel engine. This vehicle has been the favourite for many businesses across South Africa. Its turbocharged diesel engine a power boost compared with its predecessor.

This vehicle comes standard with a toolset and jack, lockable fuel inlet, remote central locking and body-coloured bumpers.

The vehicle was launched as an alternative to the Kia K2700 and has minor style changes, apart from the coloured bumpers they have a single wheel on each side of the rear axle while the K2700 has two.

To book a test drive, simply fill in the online form or contact us via email or telephone call. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch and have a look at this amazing workhorse vehicle that will truly be an asset to your company.