Kia K2700​

The  Kia K2700 is rather impressive and has an easy-access loading bay with a high tech tipping feature. The folding stoppers work together with the tie-down points to make sure that your cargo is always safe. The covered gate chains add to its safety and prevent wear and tear. The Kia K2700 is equipped with a 2.7 litre 4 cylinder and a diesel engine that makes it perfect for many business activities. 

The vehicle is available in a 5-speed manual gearbox which gives you a responsive and effective transmission which is easy for the driver to use. The K2700 comes with a range of safety features like airbags, and a steel frame which serves the purpose of keeping the driver and passenger safe and protected at all times. The vehicle’s integrated headlamps were designed to cut through the fog and provide even more visibility for the driver.

The vehicle comes standard with adjustable headrests, power steering, 3.8” data dot LCD, a toolset and jack. The cabin has four separate vents which ensure that it is warmed quickly on cold days.

The Kia K2700 seats have lumbar support, power and tilt steering wheel, a convenient storage glove box which allows for 11.13 litres of storage. The vehicle also has smart features like remote access on the steering wheel for radio control and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with Kia’s signature front grille with chrome accents, and it provides a simple way to extend your reach when you are loading and off-loading items. The front fog lights ensure that the driver has maximum visibility in foggy weather conditions ensuring that your drive is safe every time. The vehicle is available in clear white, pure beige and marine blue.

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