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Tell Me More About Prestige cars - Nissan

Find our Nissan showrooms in KwaZulu Natal with a New Car delivery service available wherever you are. We at Prestige Nissan are here to ensure that your vehicle needs are met every time. We have Sports vehicles, passenger vehicles, Crossover vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles and commercial vehicles.

We also have used Nissan vehicles available at our showrooms, for your perusal.

Once you have experience pre sales and after sales service at on our showrooms across the country, you will understand why Nissan dealerships are well-trusted and preferred.

Whether you are a fleet manager looking for commercial vehicles for your business or simply just looking to buy a new or used car, we at Nissan have the right vehicle for you.

Would you like to test drive a Nissan Juke? Or even a Nissan Crossover? Are you looking for an economical, safe family car? Simply call us and request a test drive. We are looking forward to assisting you find the perfect Nissan vehicle for you.

With Nissan, intelligent driving starts now. Our vehicles have driver assisted technology which helps you see more and offers you a hand when you need it.

Nissan of the future

Your Nissan vehicle can already connect with your smartphone, so the next logical step for us is to create smart vehicles that connect with each other. This will ultimately improve safety and traffic flow in the future. Our robot cars are coming soon and they are incredibly amazing. Nissan is busy developing Seamless Autonomous Mobility SAM system which basically connects in-vehicle artificial intelligence with remote human support.

We will even be launching a range of electric cars that you can charge at charging stations. Nissan is busy working with governments and private companies to ensure that plugging in is as easy as possible for our electric car owners. We are certain that you will enjoy all the upcoming additions we have in store for you.