Nissan Patrol

The new Nissan Patrol vehicle is big on space, features and safety. This vehicle lets you test the boundaries and combines strength and agility with a superior, luxurious design. The new Patrol is classy and refined yet very tough.

From: 1 602 900

We believe that it is the best SUV yet. It has unique off-road capabilities and is lavishly designed inside. You can experience the new Patrol for yourself and become part of the history of one of the most durable Nissan vehicles. This vehicle is now in its 6th generation and it is one of the safest vehicles Nissan has ever built. It has a reputation for superior performance over the past 60 years and is known by many as the king of the road. The Patrol combines functionality and versatility with powerful performance and bold styling.

The Patrol has an arduous on-road presence while maintaining a luxurious interior. It uses a fun and fresh design approach for its exterior and uses bold window graphic, alloy wheels and a dynamic chrome grille. This vehicle offers comfort for the entire family. The air conditioning system has curtain vents that are mounted on the ceiling above every side window. The laminated windscreen and the front windows help reduce the noise level by up to 35% in the all-new Patrol.

The mission of the Nissan Patrol is to offer the driver and passengers more comfort and more space with its luxurious leather seat dimensions making you feel like you are seated in a jet.

The new Patrol is not your ordinary SUV with its colour monitor displaying the front and rear power ratios, fuel economy and outside temperatures. The vehicle really uses smart technology to offer you an amazing experience. This sexy new SUV even comes with a built-in cooler box.