The Renault Clio RS is stylish and performance-driven. This car has been designed for increased performance and optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The diffuser gives you an 80% increase in rear support and the custom spoiler allows for an additional 20% support.

The Clio RS has sports seats with reinforced support and a leather steering wheel with red stitching. The Clio RS is truly unbeatable and has a unique sporty feel to offer its drivers. It has special equipment devoted to racing such as the aluminium pedals, custom dials and paddle shifters.

If you are looking for a dynamic performance from your vehicle then the Clio RS is ideal for you with its technological progress in formula 1. The unique fuel-efficient petrol engines of RS and RS Trophy, 6 speed dual-clutch gearbox and steering wheel paddles have all come together for the first time with this unique new vehicle. The Clio is a distinctive and high tech sports car which offers drivers a unique experience every time they get behind the wheel. The signature lighting is one of the many features that sets this car apart from the others in its category.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking for a vehicle that is not only safe but sporty and intuitive then you should definitely consider this car. The Clio RS delivers on style, funkiness, and personality and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you would like to book a test drive, fill in our online form or contact our dealership directly and we will gladly assist you. You have to get behind the wheel of a Renault Clio RS to really appreciate all that it has to offer. Be prepared to turn heads in your beautifully crafted Renault Clio RS.