The Renault Kangoo Express Van has a strong masculine appearance to make its identity clear. This vehicle has firm lines and clear forms together with a bold logo that is contrasted against a black grille. 

The vehicle also has more expressive, more tapered headlights. This vehicle is the perfect professional vehicle as it has many storage compartments so that the driver can maximise the space of the vehicle. 

The central storage compartment is ideal for all your essential items and the central in-dash storage is perfect for all A4 size documents. You can use the overhead parcel shift if you have bulkier items to store.

The new Renault Kangoo Express Van has a lower and wider body, and it promises the driver stable and safe road handling. The vehicle offers dynamic performance making it the perfect business vehicle. The braking system is highly efficient and the vehicle is extremely comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. The vehicle’s front bumper, bonnet and front wings have been reshaped to give the vehicle a sturdy and strong first impression. The vehicle is ideal for transporting goods and will take your business to the next level. The Kangoo van is available in Glacier White and is the ideal, efficient, adaptable and durable vehicle. It is the perfect business partner and will give you a smooth, stress-free and easy ride wherever you and your goods need to be.

If you would like to book your test drive, fill in the online form or contact one of our dealerships and arrange a suitable day. This vehicle will truly be an asset to your company with its assertive and strong demeanour and its safety features. You can get the job done with confidence and peace of mind.