The new Renault Koleos is absolutely comfortable and spacious. It offers drivers more legroom and storage space. The Koleos has a compartment for keeping your hot and cold drinks in the front cabin, and distinctive details in the front cabin. The car has many superior finishes as well as an enveloping driving position much like an SUV.

You can drive the Renault Koleos with peace of mind because it has taken your safety into consideration. It is thoroughly equipped to keep you safe in case of accidents and uses prevention technologies. The car has adaptive airbags, which is able to sense the severity of the accident and how close the driver and passenger are to the dashboard and steering wheel. 

The Renault Koleos also boasts a lateral pelvis and chest level airbags for the front occupants as well as curtain airbags for the entire cabin. The car has an automatic locking system when driving or leaving the car.

The Renault Koleos allows you to enjoy a safer and more care-free drive. If you need to drive the Koleos on a steep hill, you need not worry. If you decide to take your foot off the brake, the hill start assist will take over and hold the vehicle steady for you for 2 seconds. This will give you time to accelerate without rolling back. The car has front and rear parking sensors with a rear parking camera.

The car has a touchscreen display which gives you a visual guide as well as audible warnings when objects are too close. If vehicles enter your blind spot, they are detected by the blind-spot warning system. There is also an indicator light which will warn you of potential dangers.

The Koleos is charismatic and has lots of personality. It has a sleek appearance and athletic curves and must-see for yourself to be truly appreciated.