The all-new Renault Triber is a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle that will change the way you travel. It is available in four different modes and the seating is changeable depending on what you need from your vehicle. This vehicle has ample room for you and your tribe, your groceries, luggage, and anything else that you need to transport.

This car is known for its chameleon characteristics as it adapts to suit the occasion. If you are going on a beach trip, you can convert the vehicle’s interior using the 4-seater surf mode, this will offer enough space to house your surfboards. If you are going on a trip and have lots of luggage, the Renault Triber can be converted into a 2-seater and offer ample space for all your gear. On days that you are travelling as a family together with the family pet, you can convert it to the 5-seater life mode and if you are going on a road trip with the entire crew, the Triber converts to a 7-seater tribe mode.

The Renault Triber is equipped with dual front airbags, front power windows, park distance sensors on some models and the Triber Prestige even comes with 15” flex wheels and 3D spacer Fabric Upholstery.

The Triber is stylish and modern in its design and its appeal. It is definitely a vehicle that will turn heads wherever it goes and will surely set a few trends along the way.